“Multimodality is key if LPWAN wants to be a success” – Professor Maarten Weyn, University of Antwerp Speaker Q&A

Professor Maarten Weyn from the University of Antwerp will be speaking on Day two at the LPWAN World Forum being held at Canary Wharf on the 9th and 10th of November 2016.

Maarten Weyn’s research in the imec-IDlab research group focuses on ultra-low power sensor communication and embedded systems, sub 1-Ghz communication, sensor processing and localization.

Maarten, who will be discussing ‘Taking LPWAN to the Next Level’ at the LPWAN World Forum, took some time to complete our speaker Q&A:


Which do you consider to be the best use cases for LPWAN technologies?

Sporadic monitoring or control of sensor and actuators where energy consumption, mobility, multimodality (technology and environment) are key issues, without the need for fast response time.


Is there a place for multiple LPWAN technologies to co-exist long-term or will there eventually be one dominant technology?

Multimodality is key if LPWAN wants to be a success, there is not one technology which is able to cover all use cases. Only when interoperability and multiple use of technologies is possible, a high deployment of real use cases will start. Of course a hardware vendor locking does not support such a model.


How best should telcos position themselves in the LPWAN ecosystem?

Be open and accept the fact that currently licence free technologies will need to coexist to current and future licenced technologies, they all have their properties and will be able to co-exist.


How disruptive will the commercial deployment of NB-IoT be?

It will move applications which are not mend to be used in a licence free frequency band – without a possibility of guaranteed connectivity – to a licenced band – where you can give guarantees.


Will the delay in NB-IoT deployment jeopardise its traction long-term?

Of course licence free technologies will try to grasp as much as possible of that market. But the choice of a technology is for a lot of companies more a choose of the business model (where is the data, api, … ) of the provider then a real technology choice.


What should be taken into consideration when deciding which technology to use for a specific use case?

Make sure you are not locked in; a lot will happen in the coming years.


Can market potential be achieved with different technologies and a fragmented industry?

Only in that case it can be achieved.


What does the future hold for LPWAN?

It will take at least 2 more years before we go from a marketing use of LPWAN to a real use of LPWAN where every application is matched with the best fitted technology. 

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